• Season 1 episode 1 "Pilot"

    "I was born on February 15, 1833, in Boston, Massachusetts, was the youngest of five children, the four eldest were all daughters, and my father who was a scientist was persuaded that fate would bring him the son. for a long time, he would call himself Michael, they called me Michaela, I decided to go to medical school, but no university accepted women, and I finally got my PhD from the Pennsylvania School of Medicine. To the dismay of my mother, my father took me as an associate in his cabinais.And for 7 years we worked side by side, until that ... After the disappearance of my father, our cabinais was practically deserted, I I was worried that my doctor's career was over, but I had promised him to go on, I found an ad in the newspaper on the globe, we were looking for a doctor in a Colorado city ...



    Everyone said that a woman doctor could not survive alone on the edge of colonized land, but I was deciding to fight with all my might. I was not alone now, I had a family and it was probably the biggest challenge of my life ... " Michaela Quinn.   

    Season 1 episode 1 "Pilot"

    In 1867, after the death of her father, Michaela Quinn decided to leave Boston to answer an ad from a small town seeking a doctor, who is on the edge of colonized land named Colorado Springs. Welcomed as a woman to send home and not as a qualified doctor, she will have to fight in order to be respected and accept as a doctor. She will meet Charlotte Cooper and her three children Matthew, Coleen and Brian. This little family will help her settle down and be the first to trust her. She will also meet Sully, a mountain man, a friend of the Cheyenne Indians. They will help each other on various occasions. After the death of Charlotte Cooper, it was decided that Matthew, Coleen and Brian would go live with Michaela as had been the last wish of their mother. After Brian runs away Michaela goes looking for her and falls on Indians. The story of a strong woman, fighting for those she loves and for her ideas. You can find all the episodes on my youtube channel.









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