• Season 1 episode 4 "Law of the Land"

    Some Kid Cole arrives in Colorado Springs. Having the reputation of a sniper, he has to face the rumors that are about him: he is considered as a trigger ace who has killed many people. Wanting to stop this life too moving, he wants to settle in Colorado Springs to lead a quiet life. At the same time, immigrants are increasingly present in the city, looking for work to feed their families. Their presence annoys more than one, including Loren Bray. Matthew, in love with Ingrid an immigrant, offers his brother Jon to come work with him. In return, Matthew can feed Ingrid, who is malnourished. The two boys set off dives around the Olive Ranch, and talking to Matthew about killing a cow to feed Ingrid's family. When locals are aware of the cow's flight, they immediately accuse the immigrants and when they discover that Jon is responsible, they try to hang him. Michaela then goes in search of a sheriff to help the boy.

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